Integrated cancer treatment services maximise clinical outcomes

To support patients’ cancer treatment, our oncologists recommend an assessment with one of our oncology physiotherapists. There is strong evidence that patients who engage with rehabilitative care services alongside their cancer treatment have improved clinical outcomes and reduced instances of cancer reoccurring. Simply put, they live better, for longer.

Our physiotherapist will give you strategies to minimise side effects of your treatment and take baseline measurements of your muscle tissue so that we can monitor this throughout the course of your treatment. You will also be introduced to the other services within our wellness centre that are relevant to your treatment.

The initial assessment appointment is 45-minutes and maybe covered by medical insurance.

One of the therapists in our cancer wellbeing centre
Helping with cancer wellness is part of our commitment

Complimentary massage for our patients receiving treatment at Harbour*.

As part of our commitment to your cancer treatment we offer our patients a one-hour complimentary massage with our oncology massage therapist.

Note: Patients in medical trials are not eligible. This offer applies only to patients receiving cancer treatment at Harbour.

Our cancer wellbeing centre is located for your convenience

Located for your convenience

Our Wellness Centres are located next to our oncology clinics and wherever possible we will schedule Wellness appointments around patients’ oncology appointments.

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Cancer physiotherapy session


Physical rehabilitation has been called “the underrated wonder drug” for improving resilience to chemotherapy treatment, reducing the side effects of disease and improving clinical outcomes. Our oncology specialist physiotherapists offer both hands on and exercise based individual treatment sessions as well as group programmes to support resilience and recovery. For our post operative patients, we use scar management techniques and help you to regain functional range and strength after surgery.

One of our accredited lymphoedema therapists

Lymphoedema prevention and treatment

We have the latest technology for detecting cancer-related lymphoedema using SOZO® technology which is a non-invasive way of reading muscle mass and cellular fluid. This data is an advanced aid to accredited lymphoedema therapists in the detection and management of lymphoedema. Should lymphoedema become an issue we can arrange referral to specialist lymphoedema therapists or for compression garments.

A therapist providing oncology massage therapy

Massage therapy

Oncology massage is a specialised, non-invasive and compassionate touch therapy. We also provide specialist massage to help people suffering from lymphoedema using manual lymphatic drainage techniques. Oncology massage has been shown to actively help decrease inflammation and swelling, improve circulation and lower the level of stress hormones in the blood. Massage can help patients sleep better and reduce nausea, pain, fatigue and anxiety. Massage services are also available to family and support people.

We offer psychological counselling for cancer patients

Psychological counselling

For patients and their support people, seeing our psychologist gives the opportunity to talk confidentially for help with understanding the implications of their diagnosis, decision-making for treatment, coping with treatment, anxiety and stress, low mood and depression, grief and loss. Psychology appointments are available both in person and via Zoom.

Our dietician provides personalised eating plans


Our dietitian provides personalised eating plans and nutrition recommendations to help manage treatment side effects which may include nausea, weight loss, weight gain, low energy, fatigue, mouth pain and painful swallowing. Specialist advice covers managing changes to gastrointestinal function and digestion, as well as tips on reducing inflammation and improving immune function. Dietitian appointments are available both in person and via Zoom.

We provide acupuncture for our cancer patients


Is considered a safe and effective adjuvant treatment for symptoms of cancer and side-effects associated with cancer treatments such as nausea, fatigue, sleep disturbance, anxiety and mood disorders.


For an appointment, contact our Wellness Centre on 09 220 3333 or email wellness@harbourcancer.co.nz

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