Our Story

Harbour was founded by a small group of passionate oncologists, who saw an unmet need for integrated care for patients with cancer. Our founding oncologists Amanda Ashley, Gareth Rivalland, Karen Amies, Rosalie Stephens and Sanjeev Deva all care deeply about achieving the best possible outcomes for their patients. They met working in the public system where it was clear that inefficiencies and constraints were limiting their ability to practice their values and achieve the best possible outcomes.  

They studied cancer treatment internationally and saw the improvement in outcomes that was achieved by the uptake of holistic care – including diet, exercise and physiotherapy - as part of the cancer treatment process. That holistic approach, combined with the ability to access the latest and best worldwide drugs, become the raison d'etre for Harbour Cancer and Wellness.

The first clinic was opened in 2018, in a smaller premises within Southern Cross hospital but expanded to the current larger site at Wairau as the practice grew. 

As Harbour has grown, we’ve been delighted to be joined by other oncologists and haematologists who share our vision of providing the best possible care for patients before, during and after cancer treatment.

In 2019, Harbour Wellness Centre opened next to the Harbour Clinic in Wairau. Now, for the first time in New Zealand, patients being treated for cancer can access prescribed diet, exercise and physiotherapy on site and scheduled around their radiology / chemotherapy treatments. 

In 2022, negotiations started to bring new drug trials to New Zealand, opening up access to cutting-edge drugs and treatment protocols that would not otherwise be available for New Zealanders.

In 2023, Harbour Cancer & Wellness opened its doors in Newmarket, Auckland, with a second purpose designed treatment facility and Wellness Centre to cater for the growing and expanding patient need within the Auckland area. The first drug trials started for Melanoma treatment.


The best possible care for people living with cancer. 
We work for our patients to live well and make the most of their health, whatever their prognosis



Our oncologists and supporting teams are selected for their expertise, experience and proven track record in treating cancer.


Through research and innovation, options for cancer treatment are constantly evolving. We are committed to bringing the latest innovations to our patients. To make this possible, our teams regularly study as well as travel overseas to train and bring back the latest knowledge. Additionally, our clinical trials programme means patients have access to new drugs that would otherwise not be available. 


The way we care for patients is what sets us apart from other cancer treatment clinics in New Zealand. We know that achieving the best possible clinical outcomes means caring - before, during and after cancer – for the whole person: mind and body. So we take an integrated approach, with our oncologists working closely with our nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists, psychologists and massage therapists. With this approach, combined with access to the latest drugs and treatment knowledge, we aim to maximise patients’ clinical outcomes and enhance their experience of the cancer treatment process


At Harbour we are committed to acting ethically, responsibly and always in the best interests of patients. Additionally, we adhere to our duties as prescribed in the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights


For an appointment, contact our Wellness Centre on 09 220 3333 or email wellness@harbourcancer.co.nz

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