Wellness | Our unique services for your integrated cancer treatment

Megan Schmidt is the lead physiotherapist at the centre, specialising in oncology rehabilitation.


Our oncology specialist physiotherapists, offer various programmes to support resilience and cancer recovery.


Psychological counselling for cancer patients and their support people.

Harbour Wellness Centre services 

Our on-site Wellness services include specialist physiotherapy, massage therapy, lymphoedema and acupuncture treatment, advice from our dietician, psychological and genetic counselling. Contact wellness@harbourcancer.co.nz

Our vision is that all patients learn about and access these services as part of cancer care. Integrated care is the gold standard of cancer care. We assess the options for each patient as part of treatment planning.

Megan Schmidt is the lead physiotherapist at the centre and has worked in oncology rehabilitation for the last fourteen years.

“There was such a gap for my patients having to find their own way to access services to improve well-being. So much information on the internet was confusing and at times dangerous. We wanted to create a safe space with trusted professionals all under the one roof”. 

Physiotherapy – Physical rehabilitation has been called “the underrated wonder drug” for improving resilience to chemotherapy treatment, reducing the side effects of disease and in improving clinical outcomes. See our oncology specialist physiotherapists who offer individual and group programmes to support resilience and recovery. Your treatment plan can include individually prescribed exercise at any stage, whether before any surgical or chemotherapy treatment (pre-habilitation) or as part of treatment or follow-up rehabilitation.

Lymphoedema prevention and treatment - we have the latest technology for detecting cancer-related lymphoedema using SOZO® technology which is a non-invasive way of reading muscle mass and cellular fluid. This data is an advanced aid to accredited lymphoedema therapists in the detection and management of lymphoedema.

Massage therapy – oncology massage is a specialised, non-invasive and compassionate touch therapy. We also provide specialist massage to help people suffering from lymphoedema using manual lymphatic drainage techniques. Oncology massage has been shown to actively help decrease inflammation and swelling, improve circulation, lower the level of stress hormones in the blood, help patients sleep better and reduce nausea, pain, fatigue and anxiety.

Acupuncture – is considered a safe and effective adjuvant treatment for symptoms of cancer and side-effects associated with cancer treatments such as nausea, fatigue, sleep disturbance, anxiety and mood disorders. It involves insertion of fine, sterile needles into various points on the body – these can be left in situ for up to 30 minutes while the patient rests. Needling may produce sensations of numbness, achy heaviness, tingling, pressure, warmth and spreading or radiation of these sensations – while it can be described as an unusual feeling, it is not normally said to be uncomfortable.

Psychological counselling – For patients and their support people, seeing our psychologist gives the opportunity for our patients and their support people to talk confidentially for help with adjusting to diagnosis, decision-making for treatment, coping with treatment, anxiety and stress, low mood and depression, grief and loss.

Dietician – Personalised eating plans and nutrition advice can help manage treatment side effects and provide a platform for a healthy lifestyle change.

Genetic counselling - the benefit to the patient from involvement of a Genetic Counsellor is to assist both Oncologist and patient to understand the genetic underpinnings of a diagnosis and to identify potential treatment options, information on ongoing follow up (post all treatment) and potentially for other cancer risk. A Genetic Counsellor can also assist with discussing the results as a family; providing either reassurance or predictive testing options with risk assessment and screening advice.

For an appointment, you can contact our Wellness Centre directly on 09 925 4451.


These services in the community are also available:

Cancer Society 

The Cancer Society offers free ‘coping with cancer’ talks for adults with cancer and their supporters, run by experienced psychologists and nurses. To find out more about these talks, held in Glenfield, Auckland call their free helpline on 0800 226 237.

Pinc & Steel

PINC & STEEL provide cancer rehabilitation programs for men, women and young people diagnosed with cancer.  Our Oncology Physiotherapist Megan Schmidt is part of the international teaching team for PINC & STEEL and can tell you more!  

Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) provides free, practical support for people dealing with the side effects of cancer treatment. Free feel better classes are for anyone undergoing treatment for any type of cancer, at any stage.  

Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand

The Breast Cancer Foundation NZ offer support to those affected by breast cancer. BCFNZ offer funding for cancer rehabilitation and lymphoedema therapy which you can use here at Harbour. They also provide free counselling, a dedicated nurse line, an online community app named mybc, online resources and events.  

Sweet Louise

Sweet Louise offers an annual allocation of vouchers, member meetings, information resources as well as other support services for people with stage four breast cancer. 

Prostate Cancer Foundation 

The Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ has 36 support networks across New Zealand, providing valuable support and resources to prostate cancer patients and their families. Trained volunteers coordinate the groups who meet monthly or bi-monthly. The foundation also has an 0800 4Prostate helpline if you have any questions or concerns. 

Melanoma NZ

Melanoma New Zealand has helpful information and resources on their website, as well as an Information Advisor available on 0800 463 526 to answer any of your questions. The charity also offers Melanoma Meetings where you can connect with others facing the same diagnosis.    

Bowel Cancer NZ

Bowel Cancer New Zealand offers a patient and whanau support group, as well as nurse support available 24/7. The website provides some great resources and a service directory.

Lung Foundation NZ

The Lung Foundation New Zealand is primarily an advocacy group, but they do offer some great patient resources on their website.


TimeOut connects generous holiday homeowners with people who are terminally ill. This allows spending quality time with family or close friends in a beautiful location.