Kim is a co-founder of Clinical Genetics Auckland and a senior genetic counsellor at Auckland City Hospital.

An accomplished genetic counsellor, Kim works in all areas of the profession and has a particular interest in cancer genetics and professional education supervision.

Kim is passionate about the wider healthcare environment and role of genomic medicine in clinical care, and is highly experienced in working with complex general, prenatal and cancer cases. Kim began her career as a genetic counsellor at All Wales Cancer Genetic Service in the United Kingdom, gaining her UK registration. She was later certified as an Australasian Genetic Counsellor.

Kim has presented at national and international conferences, and works with organisations such as the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ to provide educational content and advice.

A former president of the Human Genetics Society of Australia’s New Zealand branch, Kim is currently the organisation’s honorary secretary. She is also chair of the Australasian Society of Genetic Counsellors and a member of the EVIQ Cancer Genetics reference committee. 



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