For Medical Providers


We work in partnership with our referrers to provide seamless care; neo-adjuvant, during treatment, follow-up and rehabilitation.


For Specialists

We are committed to ensuring a timely response to your referral and to your patient's first assessment.

Our purpose-built day stay facility has 11 chairs and a team comprised of specialist oncology and haematology nurses, and experienced pharmacists and genetic counsellors. 

Harbour specialists provide an integrated treatment planning approach with the oncology rehabilitation specialists in our Wellness Centre. There is increasingly strong evidence for incorporating physical activity and lifestyle changes into cancer treatment plans to improve rates of recurrence and survival.

For GPs

Harbour specialists provide cutting edge and innovative treatments in chemotherapy, targeted therapy and hormone treatment.

A multi-disciplinary team provides much more; our Wellness Centre team welcomes referrals for patients across all parts of the cancer journey. 

Our team works with each patient to reduce the impact of treatment, offering lymphoedema therapy, scalp cooling cap, prescribed exercise and dietary plans, psychological support and therapeutic massage. Importantly, this team carries on where the specialist has left off by providing long-term follow-up and rehabilitation post-treatment. 

You can also refer direct to our Genetic Counselling team for investigating cancer risk for individuals and families.