For Patients


Being diagnosed with cancer can be extremely stressful. We understand this and we want you to know our team is here to support you in every aspect of your care and treatment. We welcome you to ask any questions that are on your mind. Our caring and expert team is here to help.

At your first appointment you may not remember to ask everything you would like to. We have put together a set of common questions you might have for us.

If there is any extra information you need, please feel free to speak to the nurses.


How long will it take to get an appointment?
We aim to see all referrals within 1 week of receiving them, and most with 48 hours.

Where do I park?

Parking is easily available in the Southern Cross Hospital carpark, entry Gate A. There is also a Drop-off and 2 designated car parks right outside our door.

How much will my treatment cost?
Each treatment program is individually tailored based on the type of cancer, medication prescribed and planned duration of therapy. We’d be happy to provide an Estimate once your specialist recommends a treatment plan.

What do I bring to my first appointment?

  • A list of all your current medications from your GP
  • All your relevant x-rays, scans and blood test results
  • Notes, letters, and reports from your doctor
  • Hearing Aid (if you wear one)

Questions you may wish to ask at your Consultation
View our list here.


First Specialist Appointment

This meeting is where you and your support people meet with a Harbour specialist (Consultant Oncologist or Haematologist) to consider treatment goals and treatment options. From this discussion, your specialist will recommend a treatment plan. A cost estimate will be provided to you following this appointment.

Cost Estimate

You will receive a detailed cost estimate for the treatment plan options which the specialist has discussed with you, including anticipated associated costs for procedures or investigations associated with the treatment. Should you decide to proceed, you will be scheduled for treatment orientation.

For people with health insurance cover, we provide you with the information you will need for submitting to your insurer.

Nurse Orientation

This appointment is scheduled prior to your first treatment (sometimes on the day of treatment). This is an opportunity to understand the treatment in detail, going over what you can expect to experience in the day-stay treatment room and between cycles of treatment. Our nurse will also share information about the resources available to you, both within Harbour Cancer and from other cancer support providers in the community.

Day-stay Treatment

There are many different treatment regimens delivered in our day-stay facility of varying durations. We provide food and beverages to you and your support person and we have a comfortable ‘family zone’ where your support person can make a hot drink, read a book or use their laptop. *

  *non-patient access to our facility currently requires prior permission from the nurse manager or specialist

Support for the Whole Person

Our philosophy is integrated care. We have a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in supporting people during and after their cancer treatment. You will be offered a complementary half hour assessment with an oncology physiotherapist in our Wellness Centre, along with a voucher for a free massage with the Massage Therapist.

We do this because there is a strong and expanding evidence base for the benefits of physical rehabilitation, massage, dietary input and counselling support in improving outcomes and resilience whilst on treatment and survivorship beyond treatment.

From the Wellness assessment appointment, you will know what you can access at our Centre and develop a holistic treatment plan.

Follow-up Appointments

Your specialist will see you on a regular basis throughout your treatment to review you and to make any adjustments to your treatment plan.

Ongoing Support

A Harbour Clinic Nurse is available to assist and support you throughout your treatment by phone during weekdays and we have a designated specialist on-call for urgent matters seven days a week.