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    Initial Consultation is payable at reception either prior to or at the time of your appointment. HCC provides various ways in which you can pay for further consultations and, if required, your treatment. This will depend on whether you have health insurance and which company insures you. You should discuss this with your Specialist at your first consultation.

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    Auckland’s newest private facility, led by an expert team of specialist doctors and nurses. Bringing cutting-edge research and personalised care closer to you. Fill out the form to register with our clinic.


    Dedicated to the empowerment of our patients and the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.  Fill out the form to register with our clinic.

    Harbour is a treatment centre committed to providing exceptional care to people affected by cancer. Our experienced team of medical oncologists and nurses are here to support you through the whole of your cancer journey.  Fill out the form to register with our clinic.

    At Harbour, we prioritise constant learning, development and innovation to ensure we provide our patients with the best available therapies. Our doctors have expertise in all tumour types, including cancers of the breast, lung, melanoma, male genito-urinary system (prostate, bladder and kidney), female reproductive system (ovary, uterus and cervix), gastrointestinal tract (oesophagus, stomach and bowel), brain and cancers of unknown primary.  Fill out the form to register with our clinic.

    Our centre is designed for comfort, convenience and privacy, and our highly qualified nurses have decades of experience at the forefront of patient care. We are located within the Southern Cross North Harbour Hospital in close proximity to radiology, laboratory and surgical services.  Fill out the form to register with our clinic.