Latest Harbour Updates on COVID-19

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Clinic Consultations with your Specialist

Many of you will have had consultations with your Specialist by telephone or video conference during Level 4 and Level 3.

In Level 2, your Specialist may request that you come into the clinic for your next appointment. For some, however, a telephone consultation will still be appropriate. We believe it is still helpful to reduce the number of excursions our patients have to make and telehealth works well for some consultations.

For those coming into clinic, we will continue with strategies for social distancing, including requesting that you wait in your car rather than have people gathering in our waiting rooms.

We will continue with the use of PPE in Level 2, as this is the most effective way to keep everyone as safe as possible and reduce the chance of transmission through our clinic.

In summary:

  • When you park, call reception (09) 925 4444 to tell us you are here and wait in your car.
  •  Patients in clinic will be given a mask to put on. If you feel you need a support person please let us know when you call so we can ask relevant screening questions. Your support person will also be given a mask.

Treatment in the Day stay Unit

As per previous levels, our chairs are further spaced apart. Following the principles of social distancing, we ask that you do not bring visitors into the Day stay Unit. There may, however, be occasions where our Charge Nurse Manager allows a visitor and this is at her discretion (please ask to speak to Vicki or Levonne). We do have good internet, so bring your smartphone or other device to keep in touch with your family while you are having your infusion.

Physiotherapy and Massage

Our physio and massage clinic is open for face to face consultations from Thursday 14th April. Appointments can be made by calling Physio Reception (09) 925 4451.

Our Physiotherapists, Megan and Candice, and our Massage Therapist, Ash, will be wearing a mask and will be sanitising rooms between patients. Please arrive close to your appointment time and wait in the car until our receptionist calls you. We will not be using the waiting room during Level 2.

Gym Programs and Online Classes

Those with membership in the Women’s and Men’s Gym Classes can use the Gym singly and we will contact you to arrange this. If you wish to join a gym class, we would need you to first have an online consultation with our Physiotherapist to develop a tailored program. Please register your interest for these classes by emailing

During the isolation period we have been offering free classes online via our Facebook page.

Yoga, Functional Strength, Pilates classes along with Meditations. All patients and their family members are encouraged to access this private group on Facebook.