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12th August 2020

As advised by the Ministry of Health last evening, Auckland is entering Level 3 precautions against COVID-19 from midday today. Refer to

We have moved to Level 3 precautions from the start of the day today and will be in phone and or text contact with those of you who have appointments.

Those of you who have been with us during the previous COVID-19 lockdown periods will be familiar with the reinstated precautions, so the information below will be a refresher for you. Everyone was very understanding, and we all worked together to provide a safe environment for our patients, families and our team.

For those of you who are newer patients, please read the following information closely prior to your appointment. Also, do call us with further queries if you wish to on 09 925 4444.


Clinic Consultations with your Specialist

At Level 3 COVID precautions, we aim to limit the number of excursions people make from their bubble and many consultations will be scheduled as tele-consultations by phone.

Patients who need to be physically assessed, will still come into the clinic. You will notice, however, that the team are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) such as a mask and possibly a gown.

Patients will be given a mask to wear. Visitors coming with you to a consultation will also be given a mask.

Following the principles of social distancing, we are not using the waiting room.

When you park, call reception 09 925 4444 to tell us you are here and wait in your car. This will help us to see you without you being in contact with other patients.

Treatment in the Daystay Unit

Following the principles of social distancing at Level 3, we ask that you do not bring a visitor with you into Daystay. We do have good internet, however, so bring your smartphone or other device to keep in touch with your family while you are having your infusion.

Physiotherapy and Exercise Programmes

During Level 3 our physio and massage clinic is closed for face to face consultations. We can offer telephone consultations with your physiotherapist; email to arrange this.